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Stuff my uncle said…

Just to recap, I live with my uncle, and yes you freaks, he is my real uncle.  Here’s some stuff my uncle said…

…about yogurt
Uncle: When you make it, will it be like a yogurt, or will it be like a sherbet?
Kitty: Well, it’s yogurt, innit?  So I imagine it will be very much like yogurt.

Uncle: It’s very tangy, isn’t it?
Kitty: I made lemon yogurt.  Lemons are tangy, aren’t they?
Uncle:  Yeah, but it’s very tangy.
Kitty:  It’s lemon yogurt.  Meant to taste like lemons.  Got lemons in it.

…about my guitar:
Uncle: I heard ya playing your guitar in there.
Kitty: Well, I was doing something to it, at least.
Uncle:  You should start a one-man-band and play your guitar and clarinet at the same time!
Kitty: That would be very difficult.
Uncle: Yeah, but you could do it.
Kitty: I’d have to sprout another two hands.
Uncle: Would you?

I hope this amuses you, as it amuses me – but it only ever amuses me in hind-sight!

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty.


Stuff which has happened since I “saw” you last

Sooo much has happened since I was here last!  I’m in Southport right now, at the interweb cafe.  I had to see my sexual violence counsellor again today, first time since I got back from Maryborough, and it wasn’t so bad.
On Saturday I went out to breakfast with a friend of mine (yes, the Kitty has friends now!  You may all be excited for her) and the place we went for breakfast was in – dramatic pause – Surfer’s Paradise!  I was ok.  I sat and ate my breakfast and talked to my friend in the shadow of that building, the place where it happened. I was ok. A little sick at first, but as I sat and talked and relaxed and I realised I was safe, I was ok.

Sunday was very eventful, especially for a lass who does all her travelling on the buses.  It was pelting rain.  Footpaths and roads were flooded, public parks were turned to lakes, but I had a beautiful spiritual day planned and I wasn’t gonna give it up for the weather!  I went to yoga in the morning, then more time on the bus to Spiritualist Church in another suburb, then back to the first suburb for meditation, chanting and dance.  I would embellish, but I’m at an internet cafe, so sorry…
Yesterday, I bought a guitar.  I can’t play it, but I’m learning. Yesterday I learned “E minor” and the appropriate fingers (and my neighbours) hate me, but they’ll get over it.

That brings me to today.  I think I’m almost ready to call myself a “survivor” of sexual assault.  Almost.  I’ll keep you posted.

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty.

But what about to blog?

Is that grammatically correct?  I don’t know.  Despite winning awards for my writing, I feel I’m actually quite bad at it…
Anyway, what do I want this blog to be about?  I don’t really know.  So many things have happened in the weeks since I last wrote.

I could write about my trip to Maryborough for my recent 23rd birthday, but the previous incarnation of this blog is so full of my travel stories that I’m sure my avid readers are sick of them (hey!  I could have avid readers!  You don’t know!).
I could write about how the world’s women are getting ugly-skinny, which is near and dear to my heart as a lover of all things beautiful, especially healthy, plump women, and also as a bulimia survivor, but I fear I will swear and rant, and that is not helpful, nor fun to read.
I could blog about my recent prayer day, and in fact I think I will.  Hey!  Don’t leave yet!  I haven’t started.  If you don’t like it after you actually know what it’s about, then you can leave.
I don’t pray in the way normal people do, because I’m not sure what I’m praying to.  Some people call it God, I call it Whatever It May Be (short form is “It”).  I really don’t know what It is.  For I while I considered that It may even be science.  Science explains things, but what created science?  I have arrived at the conclusion that It is whatever created science, It is the reason there are waves to roll onto the shore, and not just the force that pulls the water.  So anyway, I went to the sea shore for my prayer day, so as I could meditate on the movement of the water.  I call it a prayer day, but I really don’t pray.  I think, and this is the same to me.  I send out love, and I feel I get love in return.  I send out positive thoughts, and I feel they take the space of someone else’s negative thoughts (our thoughts cancel each other out and become nothing, but if more people send out positive thoughts, then the positive thoughts will become the most abundant).  I think about my friends and family who haven’t been well, and I hope they are feeling better, but mostly I just let myself feel like one very small part of the Universe, and I enjoy that feeling.
This used to be a regular thing for me, but I realised the other day that I haven’t had a prayer day since I lived in Maryborough.  I knew I just had to have one on the sea shore.  I will try to do this regularly.  Personally, I think it’s a very nice way to spend the day, but then I am a dirty, smelly hippie…

I’m currently “trapped” in Maryborough.  On Monday, when I was supposed to go home, I was sick.  I had my train moved to Wednesday (today), but the train track is flooded, so I’m here til Friday.  When I finally get home, I’ll have another prayer day.

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty