I am the Queen of disjointed thinking. I like your hat! :-D

Just to recap, I live with my uncle, and yes you freaks, he is my real uncle.  Here’s some stuff my uncle said…

…about yogurt
Uncle: When you make it, will it be like a yogurt, or will it be like a sherbet?
Kitty: Well, it’s yogurt, innit?  So I imagine it will be very much like yogurt.

Uncle: It’s very tangy, isn’t it?
Kitty: I made lemon yogurt.  Lemons are tangy, aren’t they?
Uncle:  Yeah, but it’s very tangy.
Kitty:  It’s lemon yogurt.  Meant to taste like lemons.  Got lemons in it.

…about my guitar:
Uncle: I heard ya playing your guitar in there.
Kitty: Well, I was doing something to it, at least.
Uncle:  You should start a one-man-band and play your guitar and clarinet at the same time!
Kitty: That would be very difficult.
Uncle: Yeah, but you could do it.
Kitty: I’d have to sprout another two hands.
Uncle: Would you?

I hope this amuses you, as it amuses me – but it only ever amuses me in hind-sight!

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty.


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