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I’m alone! So alone!…

And I love it!  My uncle is away for a while.  I celebrated my independence by walking around naked, watching my own favourite TV shows and getting a clean tea towel out the draw (my uncle has a strict one-tea towel-per-fortnight rule).

The following is my thinking out loud, but of course you may butt-in to my conversation with myself at any time.

In other news, Nutrimetics wants to revoke my consultant status at the end of March coz it’s been so long since I put an order in, but, seeing as I have the house to myself, I’m going to have a pamper party and try and sell some at a heavy discount. (If you wanna come, let me know).

I recently started volunteering at the Salvo’s Store at Mermaid – feel free to drop in and see me! 🙂
I was at the shop yesterday and had to go home early, coz I could smell meat really strongly through the wall they share with the butcher.  Nobody else could smell it.  I’m sensitive to it, with being vegetarian, and it made me feel a little sick.  Usually I can’t smell it, so I don’t know what was going on next door, nor do I want to.
Next week I will learn to use the cash register – YAY! 😀

I’m having a friend for dinner tomorrow.  If anyone can recommend a sauce, I’d be grateful (that joke would be funnier if I hadn’t just said I’m vegetarian.  I’ll show myself out).

I’m in Southport today.  I went to an appointment (avid readers will read between the lines, everyone else can go back and catch up).  I’ll be back in Southport in a fortnight’s time, same place but for a workshop.  I’ll get to meet some of the other women who go there.  I’ll try to get here and tell you about it afterwards.

Oh, while I’m here – can anyone explain why every quarter my bank pays me 1c (not one percent, just a cent) interest, and then charges my 27c interest?…

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty