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I ride my bicycle on the footpath

Yes I’m that person.  I’m sorry, ok!?… Well, actually I’m not sorry, coz being sorry means trying not to do it again, and next time I’m out on my bike, I will be on the footpath.  I put it down to two things:

1- there is something about the beautiful freedom of being on a bicycle that turns everyone into at least a little bit of an arsehole

2-Maryborough roads are shit

You heard me.  When I go out on my bike, I like it rough.  This is not a euphemism, and is only about cycling.  My stress buster has always been to go out on my bike, and in Maryborough there are very few concrete paths, and the roads are rough as guts.  I grew to love this aspect of my rides.  One of my fondest childhood cycling memories is of barreling down a hill at full speed and flying off the kerb with a mighty thwack (well, yes, that was on the Gold Coast).  My point is I moved back to the Gold Coast and was without a bicycle for some time.  I finally got one and went for a ride.  The roads here on the Gold Coast are so beautiful!  I don’t get the same rush.  So I ride on the footpath; as yet I haven’t hurt anyone but myself with this practice, and I hope you will all forgive me.

Signed with love,
The Pretty Kitty

PS- My sort-of-boyfriend is officially my boyfriend, but I can’t tell you anymore here until I hear from him if he’s agreeable to such. 🙂 xxx


Some stuff that’s happened to me

The Pretty Kitty is pissed off, people!  My Uncle is off being treated for clinical depression.  He’s being taken care of because he’s got private health cover.  Meanwhile there’s me.  I’m slowly dying inside and if I want to talk to someone about it I have to make an appointment and wait a month, AND go to Southport.  About two weeks ago I was in Southport at my counsellor’s office.  I was at a self esteem workshop with some very depressing women who seem to think all men all over the world just want to bash and rape women.  If I ever get to thinking like that, please, if you love me, kill me!
After this workshop I went and bought a mobile interweb sticky thing, thinking that this would be my ticket out of the interweb kiosk hell I am still currently in.  First it wouldn’t work on my computer, then my computer died.  Now I can’t play Sims, which makes me sad because I enjoy ruling other people’s lives.  However, my mum taught me (over the phone, when I was bored last week) how to play patience (solitaire) with actual playing cards, so I have something to occupy my time.

In good news, the Kitty has a boyfriend!  I know.  I was shocked, too.  It’s not really official and we haven’t actually met.  Due to our current living situations (which I will disclose after I speak to him, if he says it’s ok) we can’t meet up yet.  We’ve known each other for years, and this is the first time I’ve known a man loves me and I haven’t felt the need to check with my mum or my friends and see if they think he loves me, too… I figure this either means it’s really real or I’m finally a grown-up, either way it’s gotta be good.
Tomorrow is his birthday and I’ll be having a celebration for him.  Basically I know I’ll be sad, and when I’m sad I cook.  The more sad I am the more I cook.  My fridge is broken, so I’m hoping my friends will come over and help me eat.  You’re all invited!
My boyfriend has told me, since we can’t be together or even in the same state that I can essentially shag anyone I want.  I would never do it, but I do quite enjoy knowing that I can entertain the idea of having the option.

I think that’s it.  If I’ve forgotten anything, let me know.

Signed with love
The Pretty Kitty

PS- Does anyone have a computer I can borrow?