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Sport Mums

I know it sounds like the title of a low-budget porno, but it’s really what I was thinking about in the shower last night.  Wait, what I mean is…

If you’re a woman, you very rarely get to be you anyhow.  You’re this guy’s daughter, that guy’s wife, girlfriend, whatever.  Then maybe you’re someone’s mum.  Later you are defined not just as Holly’s mum or whatever, but by the sport your child plays.  If your child plays hockey you’re a hockey mum, soccer then you’re a soccer mum (or a footy mum), Aussie Rules, footy mum, Rugby League, footy mum.  If you’re child plays Rugby Union you’re a… Well, a negligent parent.  Especially if the child is a teenage girl because they will belt the Sweet Living Jesus out of each other, and for that pervy guy who just smiled, NO, that is not hot, it is horrific, unless you are a vampire in which case it’s healthy, strong young women covered in your favourite food.  Rock on!   Ok, so I don’t really believe you’re a negligent parent, you’re a footy mum.  I played netball and yes, got into massive vicious brawls, but the point is, my mum was a netball mum, and she doesn’t even like netball.
If ever I should have children, I’m not going to be labeled as a crazy sport mum.  I will be the crazy hippie mum with a million pets, and I will be defined by that instead.

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty


Comments on: "Sport Mums" (1)

  1. I think for men you’re defined by your job more.

    “Which one was he?”
    “He was the carpenter. He works with Gary”

    But men can’t be “The smelly one”. Because we all smell. If there was ever a man who didn’t smell they would be “The unsmelly one” and not defined by their occupation.

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