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Yes, it’s a blog post about voting.  No!  Don’t go!  You haven’t even read it yet!  What if I say “fart” or something, but you’re not here to read it coz you already left?  Wouldn’t that just be so sad?
Well, here’s what I do have to say:  I love voting.  I love the very idea of having a say, but most of all I love that I, as a woman, can vote, and I can vote because of men.  Many years before I or my mum were born, and a little bit before her mum was born, Australian men voted to give women the right to vote.  How awesome was that!?  However, they seem to think that this one show of awesomeness has given them a free pass to use collectively ever since, but I won’t carry on about that this time.  This time.

Here in Maryborough the pool of candidates for the house of reps was more than a little bit shit this past Saturday.  There was a Greens candidate, but after that it all got a bit hard for me.  It was really a game of “Who do I hate the least?” rather than “who do I like the most?” made all the worse by the fact that I knew that if I was voting on the Gold Coast the pool of candidates would be substantially larger.  I had planned to go Greens, Sex Party (if there was a candidate) any independents, then the hard part.  There was no Sex Party candidate for Wide Bay.  There were no independents.  There was good ol’ Warren Truss flying the flag for the coalition.  I put him last straight away.  I like him as a person, but the thought of Mr. Speedo being PM scares the bajiggers out of me, and I’m not even sure which part the bajiggers are.  The other three (yes, five candidates all together) were Labor, One Nation and Family First.  I decided that Labor was the lesser-most of three evils.  Now where to go?  Who do I hate the most?  Bigots or racists, racists or bigots?  I won’t reveal which way I ended up going, because I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself for making a decision at all.  I hope some of you had an easier time of it, and I hope I haven’t violently offended too many people, like ya mum or whoever.

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty.