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Letter Box Drops

Most of the jobs I’ve had in my life to date have involved letter box drops (putting stuff in all the letter boxes in however many streets).  I’ve worked in childcare and I’ve done some modelling, but most of the money I’ve made I’ve made from letter box drops.  I worked for a company called “Penny Miller”, a home shopping company, where my job was to drop off catalogues at 200 houses at a time, and collect them up again a few days later and fill any orders which were left. and then deliver the goods.  At PM we were told to leave the catalogues even if there was a “no junk mail” sticker, because it’s legally not junk mail because we pick them up again.  I will say that some of my best customers lived at homes with “no junk mail” on the letter box, but there were a lot of people who abused me, threw things at me ripped up the catalogue in front of me and spat at me for “ignoring” their “no junk mail” sign, while I meekly tried to explain.  My pay was 20% commission on any sales made in my area or to family and friends.  It was not fun.  At the same time as this I had a junk mail run.  It wasn’t so bad, but the pay really could be better, and so could the map.  My junk mail delivery map had streets on it which didn’t actually exist, and  calculated that there were 20 houses down a particular private driveway in a semi-rural area.  There was only two, and both letter boxes were on the fence.  I’m now a Nutrimetics consultant.  Letter box drops aren’t strictly part of my job now, but they are a great way to increase my customer base;  I’ve been getting at least one order in each street, so I’m stoked! 🙂 I really like to do Nutrimetics parties, and I figure letter box drops are a good way to find people to do parties for… but enough inadvertent advertising.  I take my letter box drops very seriously, and, having done PM, I know where all the arseholes live, so much less abuse.  Today I went out in the pelting rain to put out my brochures.  If I should die from pneumonia, I hope I get some orders first! 😉

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The Pretty Kitty