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World News.

This is not a post about the world news.  It is a post about the world.  I just had to call it something, ok?  I’m glad you didn’t leave when you read the title.  You in the swivel chair!  Stop rolling your eyes at me!  You’ll be sorry when I’m ruler of the world!
Anyway, bloggy-type stuff.  I feel you can learn a lot about other countries from watching TV shows from those countries.  I feel I’ve learned a lot about New Zealand, England and America, as that’s where a lot of the  shows I watch come from.  I have learned that every man in NZ, no matter how big and tough he is, is afraid of bugs; this is probably due to their lack of animals which can kill you (we tried to send them some of ours*, but the ungrateful bastards just turned them all into hats).  I know that in America, it’s illegal to be black and drive a car at the same time, and if you’re caught being black while driving a car, the cops can hit you with sticks until they feel like stopping.  I know that in England, everyone is either a police officer, a drug dealer, a doctor, a nurse or a council worker; there is nobody else in the whole country, except probably the Queen.
The point I am making is that television is remarkably educational, and I’m living proof of that.  Look how much I’ve already learned about the world from television!  Imagine how worldly and clever I will be in another five or so years of not leaving my house! 🙂
If you want to learn about the world, give constant television-watching a go.

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty
*All Australian animals can kill you, except, I think, the echidna.


Comments on: "World News." (2)

  1. The echidna can kill. Sort of.

    It sets traps for peoples cars and pops their tyres.

  2. Chazza said:

    Nah mate, echidna’s are the ones with the acid spit. Melt ya face right off.

    There are also farmers in England. They have guns, and so do their mums.

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