I am the Queen of disjointed thinking. I like your hat! :-D

I got the call from the Government statastition today.  Just got off the phone about a minute ago. “To the best of your knowledge did the police catch the offender?” the lady asked me.  “No.”  I said.  I didn’t want to go into ‘I was convinced to withdraw my complaint’ so I just said no.  “Just no?” the lady asked.  “Yes.  Just no.” I say, before I stop and pause to check with myself if that response is grammatically correct, because, I feel, that is what is important here.  I was ok.  She asked me ‘simple’ questions for about five minutes, and I didn’t cry or yell at her or anything.  She was a very nice lady.  I hope, in my list of answers consisting mostly of “very good, good, fair, poor, very poor” I actually helped make things better for the future.  I hope some good will come of this.

And it’s ok ScoMan.  I never actually blamed the pancakes.  They themselves were lovely. 🙂

Signed with love,

The Pretty Kitty


Comments on: "The Letter That Ruined My Pancakes (conclusion)" (2)

  1. This doesn’t scream ponies to me. I was promised some pony related theming.

    And I hope your answers make the system better for someone else too, because it sounds like the system didn’t do very well by you.

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