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Nervous Aspie Handbag

This is what’s in my Nervous Aspie Handbag.  The difference between a N. A. Handbag and a regular handbag is only size and content.  I have been using a regular bag for too long, and I couldn’t handle the stress anymore!  Here is my new bag! 🙂 YAY!

ImageHere it is hanging on a door handle.

ImageHere’s the inside.  Lots of pockets.  Yay!  Pockets!  Pockets are good for organising things!

Folding fan, in case of sudden or continuing hotness.

ImageFull first aid kit, including thermal blanket.  I’ve been without one of these for a while but recently got a new one when I did a first aid course.  I feel so much better!

ImageBubble mix with a bubble wand, in case of bubble emergency.  In a sealed bag in case of leaks.

ImageReusable water bottle.

ImageTravel coffee cup, in case travelling with coffee is required.

ImageHand sanitiser, because touching taps in public toilets is just a disgusting concept.


ImageCamera, in case art happens OR should be happening and isn’t.

ImageLittle pink packet of Secret Women’s Business.

ImageRainbow umbrella is better at keeping the rain off than plain umbrellas.  Also good for sun.

ImageGlasses, for seeing.

ImageSunglasses, for seeing in sun ALSO for pretending to be a pilot.

ImageMobile multi-media communication device, for communicating.

ImagePublic transport swipey-card thingamy.

ImagePills and chewy things, in case of pain, milk, indigestion.

ImageWooden knife, fork, spoon set, in case of food; lipgloss that goes with everything ever, in case of sudden princess moment; Earl Grey tea, in case work has no milk; at least two sugar packets, in case stranded in the desert or something; folding comb in case windy; bubblegum in case nervous (you know, more nervous than usual)

ImageWallet, notebook with its own little pen, emergency apple.


Love and laughter,

The Pretty Kitty.