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Shameless Self Promotion

Let’s play a fun game:

It’s the renaissance, you’re rich and powerful and I’m a dirty, smelly artist. You can throw me a few coins for food and art supplies, and in exchange I will make beautiful works of art! Some of the art I make will be for the whole world, but some will be especially for you! Yes, you!

Does that sound like a fun game? If it does, pop over to my Patreon page and become my patron, just like in ye olde days. You can show off how kind you are and give me $100 per artwork, or you can cap your kindness at as little as $1 per month, so even if I post 60 pieces in a month, you still only give me $1 for the whole lot. Sometimes I will even surprise you with a present in your email inbox, or even in your real-life mailbox so we can play another game where we pretend it’s the ’90s. Yay!

Anyow, think about it, get back to me, give me $1.

Signed with great affection,

The Pretty Kitty.