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Kitten’s Anti-Anxiety Checklist

The following is a list of what I did to combat anxiety yesterday.  Yesterday was not a typical day (I had a medical appointment) so my anti-anxiety measures went into overdrive.   More about that later, if I remember.

  1. Wear superhero undies.
    Notes: obviously you will inherit the powers of your chosen hero.
  2. Leave home several hours before appointment time.
    Notes: walk as much of the journey as possible.  Walking calms my anxiety somewhat.  It’s very hot so it’s ok to get on a bus for most of it.  Buses make me anxious but it’s not peak hour so I should get a seat at the very front of the bus which is a bit ok.
  3. Listen to the same song (through headphones) on repeat infinite times.
    Notes: it’s alright to occasionally mouth words or accidentally sing a bit because YOLAMTARTON (You Only Live As Many Times As Required To Obtain Nirvana)
    Notes on notes: maybe choose something not by Lil’ Kim next time, if you’re going to mouth words and sing bits, which you will because songs are awesome.
  4. Draw a bumble bee.
    Notes: dot eyes inexpressive, add circles.  Now bee looks surprised, give her a smiley mouth.
    Notes on notes: now bee looks horny.
  5. Join the library.
    Notes: it will be difficult to repeat this in the future as one may only join the library once and have one library card.
  6. Drink lots of water
    Notes: doing this anyhow as I’m going to an ultrasound.  Normally would not drink this much water for anxiety.  Feel a bit full
  7. Always carry a dinosaur or dragon, especially a soft toy one.
    Notes: none.  This explains itself.
    Notes on notes: RAWR!  STOMP! *chews*

So this is what I did yesterday to combat my anxiety.  It worked (also they have me on anti-anxiety pills now, which contributes) right up until I was reading the consent form for my ultrasound when I freaked out a little, but fortunately I had my dinosaur on hand.
I hope you can use or adapt some of these to help you.

Love and laughs,
The Pretty Kitty